Lindsay ShawEvery family has a story, but most of them aren’t about ice cream.

The owner of Lindsay’s Boulder Deli @ Häagen-Dazs, Lindsay Shaw, has been selling ice cream since she was old enough to see above the counter, giving out free samples and dipping cones before the age of 10.  Her parents have owned Häagen-Dazs stores since 1981, and when a store became available in Boulder a new generation of Häagen-Dazs owners was born.

Lindsay and her team are committed to fresh, fast, delicious food and stellar customer service, and they offer a healthy dose of fun to go along with the excellent fare and friendly faces.

So, come by Lindsay’s Boulder Deli at Häagen-Dazs right on the corner of Pearl and Broadway in downtown Boulder and chow down!

Boulder, Deli, Ice Cream, Catering.  What’s better?  Eat more ice cream and sandwiches!

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